How it Works

How to Create Youtube Summaries

Step 1: Install Chrome Extension

Add Copsule Extension to your browser for seamless integration.

Step 2: Watch YouTube Video

Play any video on YouTube to generate instant summaries.

Step 3: Explore Key Insights

Browse condensed insights with timestamps for easy navigation.


The AI Youtube Summarization Tool at a glance now


Efficient insights for quick understanding.

Timestamped Summary

Navigate key points swiftly with precise timestamps.

Video Insights

Deep insights distilled into concise highlights.


Create Youtube Summaries in seconds by Chat GPT

Copsule offers efficient YouTube video summarization, saving time with key point extraction and convenient timestamp navigation for easy referencing.

  • Concise summaries condense lengthy videos for efficient consumption
  • Timestamps enable quick navigation to specific topics of interest
  • Time-saving tool enhances productivity by extracting essential content
General Faq’s

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Copsule?

    Copsule is a Chrome extension designed to summarize YouTube videos and podcasts, providing concise insights, summary and timestamped summary.

  • How does Copsule work?

    Copsule leverages LLM (Language Model) technology to analyze and condense extensive video and audio content into concise, digestible summaries, improving comprehension.

  • What kind of YouTube videos can Copsule summarize?

    Copsule can summarize videos that contain subtitles.

  • What are the main features of Copsule?

    Copsule offers Summary for summaries, Timestamped Summary for easier navigation, and Insight Summary for extracting key insights.

  • Is there a restriction on the length of videos that Copsule can summarize?

    Copsule can summarize videos of varying lengths, as long as they have subtitles available, ensuring accessibility to a wide range of content durations.

  • Can I customize the summaries generated by Copsule?

    Currently, Copsule provides automated summaries, but future updates may include customization options based on user feedback and demand.

  • Is Copsule free to use?

    Yes, Copsule leverages the ChatGPT Free API, so it is completely free to use.

  • Can I access the summarized content offline?

    Currently, Copsule requires an active internet connection for the summarization process as it utilizes online algorithms to condense videos and podcasts.


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